King Edward VII’s Medical centre

Marylebone, London, U.K.

In the vibrant Marylebone district of central London, a 56-bed private infirmary with a proud history of royal patronage is transformed into a health care space that looks like hospitality and feels like home.

Since 1909, the King Edward VII’s Hospital in the heart of London has offered unparalleled personal treatment to private patients. Behind the understated splendour of its historical facade, modernised communal areas now enhance the patient journey, staff efficiency and the overall perception of the hospital setting.

The remit for interior consultancy Pi Group was to create an all-encompassing environment that feels like home and doesn't discriminate based on medical conditions. In short, a hospital that stands out from other institutions by providing an inclusive, welcoming ambience for everyone.

The newly refurbished reception, consultation and waiting areas of the private London hospital blur the lines between healthcare and hospitality. Spread over multiple floors, high end facilities and specialised centres proffer a warm and inviting atmosphere that resembles private living quarters rather than a conventional medical facility.

The challenge for Pi Group was to deliver comfortable seating with a premium feel for patients, while also ensuring easy cleaning in a clinical setting. With the ability to customise seating heights to accommodate orthopaedic patients, ensuring their comfort and convenience, Fritz Hansen’s Ro™, Fri™ and Fred™ chairs were selected for waiting areas, where they stand alongside Planner™ coffee tables.

Their timeless designs harmonise with the desired aesthetics and serve as functional statement pieces within the space thanks to bespoke finishes carefully selected after rigorous testing and approval to ensure they met the required standards. Additionally, durability was a key factor, with designs able to withstand the varied demands of a medical setting and the daily influx of patients.