Karmen Kitchen & Bar

Burgos, Spain

A Vibrant Spanish Cafe with Bright Ideas on Colour

Karmen is a small, vibrant cafe located in the heart of a recently built housing building in Burgos, Spain. The task for architects Enrique Jerez and Rebeca Piedra was to create a space that would stand out while catering to the young and large population of the area.

The design concept behind Karmen Kitchen & Bar was to take advantage of its corner location and materials to create a clean and visually appealing space that connects beautifully to its surroundings. The modern building’s heavy and dark concrete face stands in perfect counterpoint to the café’s warm interior design.

A glass façade at the corner showcases the bar and table area to the exterior. This allows passers-by to view the vibrant interior and evoke their curiosity to enter. The use of glass creates an open and welcoming atmosphere, inviting customers to step inside and relax.

The interior of Karmen is conceived as a clean stage with a white background that generates a certain depth, extending to the terrace and landscaped area in the south. Customers enjoy a visually appealing backdrop that enhances the dining experience.

Standing out in the space is the use of Arne Jacobsen’s Ant™ chairs in bright yellow. These chairs add an eye-catching pop of colour and vibrancy to the otherwise clean and minimalist interior. Known for their comfort and durability beyond their iconic shapely design, the Ant chairs are an ideal choice for a busy café like Karmen.

“We took advantage of a very small space by making it visible and connected to its surroundings.” – Enrique Jerez, Architect

Karmen café’s design cleverly takes advantage of a small space by making it visible and connected to its surroundings. The use of materiality, glass, and colour creates a visually appealing environment that is both welcoming and comfortable. With its vibrant atmosphere and delicious menu, Karmen Kitchen & Bar is the perfect place for customers to gather, socialise, and enjoy a memorable meal.