COX Architecture

Sydney, Australia Architect/Interior Design: COX Architecture

Harmonising with Heritage

Overlooking Sydney Harbor's iconic bridge and Opera House, COX Architecture has transformed the historic 70 George Street into a functional studio space. The project focuses on sustainability, flexibility, reversibility, and conservation.

In the transformational project, the architecture studio emphasised a process of reduction, stripping away superfluous layers in this heritage-listed building to expose the original character. Brooke Lloyd, director of interiors, highlighted the need to leave egos at the door, resist the temptation to put their own stamp on it and opt for a light touch on the space. Everything, except the kitchen, is designed to be removable. 

The workspace transcends its functional purpose, evident on the fifth level—a versatile open space for events, communal dining, or flexible working. Stressing the importance of creating an inviting workspace, the flexibility of purpose aims to encourage people to use the space in ways that work for them. 

The new studio isn't just a workspace; it's a dynamic environment capturing authenticity. It's an experimental setting where the line between functional and experimental blurs. Lloyd describes it as a place where "we're experimenting on ourselves," adapting to the team's evolving needs.

Amid this narrative, the choice of Fritz Hansen's Series 7™ and Grand Prix™ chairs seamlessly aligns with Cox Architecture's design philosophy. The chairs, known for their timeless elegance, ergonomic design and low carbon footprint, contribute to the studio's commitment to functionality and adaptability. Whether in soft upholstery at a desk or natural wood veneer at the communal dining table, their organic silhouette, durability and versatile aesthetic sit easily in the surroundings, adding a touch of modernity without overpowering the historical context.

As the team at COX Architecture continues to experiment and iterate in their live environment, the iconic chairs become integral pieces that blend seamlessly with the studio's vision of a functional, flexible, and authentic workspace.