JAB Holding Company

London, United Kingdom


The office of JAB Holding Company sits 13 stories above Paddington station, suspended within the London skyline. Designed by Seifermann Architects, the space delivers the tranquil atmosphere of a green oasis in the heart of the city.

The idea behind the new design was to create a workplace in which people enjoyed spending time and felt comfortable. High ceilings and natural light combined with frame-less window glazing blur the line between inside and out. An open-plan layout forms a space free from hierarchy, allowing for uninterrupted views across London skyline.

Large planters and living walls bring vibrance and a burst of colour to the space, while the use of natural materials and earthy tones throughout offer a neutral base. Bespoke joinery marries together the collective features of the office, helping to form a cohesive design.

Several Fritz Hansen products were handpicked for the office. Amongst others, the Pluralis™ tables were chosen for the workspace desks. These desks in oak match the timber finish of the kitchen cladding, creating one of many visual links that helped to form a harmonious space.

Classic and functional seating, namely the Oxford™ chair and Little Giraffe™ chair, were chosen for the central collaborative zone to create a welcoming atmosphere. Designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1965, the Oxford™ chair features a high back and smooth, curved form – crafted to invoke a sense of space and privacy. Today, this ground-breaking illustration of design is considered Arne Jacobsen’s most outstanding work.

Elsewhere, the Lune™ Sofa, the Fri™ Lounge, and the Super Elliptical™ and Join™ Tables are all featured, as well as the AQ01™ Desk Lamp and Kaiser Idell™ pendant lamp.