Cobo Estratos

Burgos, Spain

Transforming Space through Design

Explore how renowned architect Enrique Jerez, together with Moral and Manzanedo, took advantage of an underused space in the city centre to create an immersive new dining space for locals and tourists.

Cobo Estratos restaurant is a testament to the power of thoughtful and creative design in transforming spaces and enhancing the overall dining experience. Located in Burgos, Spain, Cobo Estratos provides a unique dining experience in an extraordinary space. The challenge was to design a space that would offer an immersive dining experience for guests and cater to all their senses.

The concept behind the space design was to use an emptying strategy to generate a sense of spaciousness in a location that’s almost entirely underground. One of the key considerations in the design was the importance of natural light. The designers achieved this feat by using a big box-like structure in warm walnut wood as the central heart of the restaurant. The box houses bathrooms and sculleries, while the dining areas for each gastronomic proposal are located on either side. The kitchen and the chef's table are situated above the dining areas, offering constant visual contact with the city and encouraging cross-views between dinner guests, chefs, and pedestrians.

Fritz Hansen’s N01™ chairs made in collaboration with nendo were chosen to complement the modern and sleek design of the space. The Danish and Japanese design fusion of N01 brings beauty, comfort and functionality to the modern space, making them an ideal choice for a high-end dining experience. They also have a timeless aesthetic in natural oak wood that fits seamlessly with the overall design concept.

The architects behind Cobo Estratos transformed an underused space in the city centre into a vibrant and immersive dining experience. The design creates a unique sense of spaciousness and creatively reimagines how to capture and utilise natural light to remarkable effect, providing an inviting atmosphere and unforgettable experience for guests.