Sørensen Leather HQ

Aarhus, Denmark

It may not come as a surprise that at the Sørensen Leather HQ, it is leather that creates a sense of cohesion throughout the space. Producers of some of the most high-end, sought-after, sustainable leather in the world, Sørensen Leather designed a showroom that is at once creative and calming.

For a long time, the company has encouraged everyone working with leather to push the boundaries and challenge its form and function. Naturally, when designing their headquarter near Aarhus, they followed their own advice. In collaboration with Norm Architects, the company set about creating a space that echoes their brand image and exudes a mood that is calm and conducive to connecting and creating.

Muted shades of beige and grey, and an expert assortment of natural materials create a welcoming cosy atmosphere. Soft curtains and sculptured spheres add a soothing atmosphere, bringing a tactile sensation to the interior design.
Throughout the showroom, a variety of Sørensen Leather’s products feature in an array of new applications to demonstrate leather’s creative potential. The meeting room features a bespoke conference table and cabinet by Norm Architects and Laura Bilde, and Drop™ Chairs by Arne Jacobsen, all upholstered with Sørensen Leather.

Designed by Arne Jacobsen, the Drop™ chair was created for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen before being relaunched in 2014. The chair draws inspiration from the feeling of an embrace but has been designed to allow freedom of movement, creating a unique sense of comfort.