Barbara Bendix Becker’s studio

Barbara Bendix Becker’s studio is small and humble, housed in the backyard of an apartment block. It’s a simple brick stone building in the suburbs of Copenhagen, built back in 1930 to house a carpentry workshop. Fast forward almost a century, and the building houses Barbara’s studio on the ground floor, and an architect studio upstairs.

It’s a decidedly unpretentious workspace. No windows - just a giant glass door facing out to the backyard. Raw, simple, carefully restored. Here, everything has its place.

“I always want my workspace to be inspiring,” says Barbara. “The room takes its colour from whatever project I’m working on at the time. If it’s a textile project, the room is filled with yarns and looms. If it’s a period drawing, I need clean surfaces and use the walls as a big bulletin board.”

Inside, each of the interior pieces tell its own story. Barbara inherited the drawing table from her grandfather. It can be adjusted to fit different positions, making it a practical companion for sketching. The Series 7™, Drop™ and Lily™ chairs are all Arne Jacobsen designs - also inherited from family. “I love Arne Jacobsen’s seating for its comfort and beauty. The Lily chair, with its perfect curves and slim waist, is such a pleasure.”

Poul Kjærholm’s PK54™ table is also featured in the space, providing a rather extravagant setting for conversations, clay-making and painting. “Good lighting is everything, but good seating comes a close second. Timeless pieces that are beautifully designed in quality materials is what matters.”