Aarhus, Denmark Designed by C.F. Møller Architects


Chairs as symbols - individual brands in the same building. Warmth, quality and space for different types of meetings have turned clothing company Bestseller's new office building into an exemplary representation of how the careful use of design and craftsmanship can do much more than just create beautiful rooms.

“An expressive company” is what Bestseller calls itself. The clothing company owns several modern brands, and this is reflected in C.F. Møller’s architecture, which comprises five different buildings tied together via a series of outdoor areas, courtyards, terraces and roof gardens. The consistent feature throughout the buildings is the feeling of warmth from the aesthetic look – different designs, but with the same consistent quality of craftsmanship designed for people. The mix of office buildings and outdoor spaces give an impression of being in a city within a city. The complex, which is surrounded by canals and lakes on all four sides, forms the entrance to a new urban area on the waterfront in Aarhus, Denmark. It covers a total of 21.500 m2 and 800 workplaces, in addition to showrooms, an auditorium, video and film studios, a large canteen, and facilities that can accommodate both large meetings and fashion shows.