Aarhus, Denmark Designed by Anne Krogh

The Nordic law firm Bech-Bruun chooses to focus on highlighting their DNA as a company through their interior design. Danish designer MDD and interior architect Anne Krogh created an intuitive space to work and to thrive in where the knowledge of practicing the law meets the knowledge of corporate interior decoration. The design is captured in a design manual, also developed by Anne Krogh, and applies for all Bech-Bruun offices. This results in a coherent experience every time you enter a Bech-Bruun office.
The first thing the eye meets must be embracing and welcoming. Especially lighting is crucial for a comfortable entrance and in this Bech-Bruun entrance space natural light is complimented by knowledge illustrated in the book shelf as well as by the organic shapes of the Poul Kjærholm classic, the PK9™ chair.