Image credit (outside): GLL Visual

A dynamic office space to disrupt a traditional industry

Danish law firm Poul Schmith / Kammeradvokaten prides itself on challenging the industry's more traditional way of working and wanted to take the lead with a fresh and dynamic new office space for its employees.

The office sits in DSB's old freight terminal at Kalvebod Brygge – a Brutalist building with a dominant concrete façade that has long been considered controversial. In 2021, the building was carefully renovated to breathe new life into the dated structure. Its shape and size stayed the same, while the façade was spruced up with frame effects and aluminum. 

For Poul Schmith / Kammeradvokaten, this presented an opportunity to revitalise their own workspace. In collaboration with Fritz Hansen, and the designers and architects at LAIKA and Vilhelm Lauritzen, the law firm set out to create a space that feels fresh and Nordic, while drawing on the building’s unique qualities. 

The designers chose to counter the Brutalist expression with a softer design language and the rich tactility of the materials and furniture. This meant focusing on long-lasting pieces, contrasting materials and subtle surprises in both design language and textile compositions. The combination of raw concrete, steel and oak floors gives a warm and distinctly Nordic expression. 

Throughout the office, Fritz Hansen's pieces have been selected based on comfort and quality. Classics, such as the Little Friend™ table by Kasper Salto and the Giraffe™ chair by Arne Jacobsen, add a modern and minimalistic dimension to the workspace. In the smaller meeting rooms, the cushioned Grand Prix™ chair, with its striking graphic edge, adds a bold and playful expression. 

The Plenum™ high-back sofa by Jamie Hayon creates space in an open work environment, creating the perfect setting for collaboration, concentration or relaxation. In the lounge area, the organic curves of the Swan™ sofa and the Ro™ lounge chair offer a luxurious interlude.