Egmont HQ


Egmont, an international leading media groups, recently expanded their Copenhagen headquarters, transforming it into a unifying and inspiring workspace with meeting hubs, lounge areas, and plenty of space for events and launches.

The Egmont headquarters sits in a striking neoclassical building that exudes history, right in the heart of Copenhagen. From its restaurant and lounges on the seventh floor, there are sweeping views over the rooftops, King's Garden, and the iconic Round Tower.

For the interior designers behind the renovation, the task was to make a living space for the whole house, stimulating cooperation, informal meetings, and breaks. Rather than opting for the formal style one often finds in law firms or banks, Egmont wanted to reveal the creativity that lies in its products: namely books, movies, computer games, tv broadcasting and entertainment. 

“It seemed natural to use the house's creativity and the city’s beautiful colour palette as the overarching concept for the décor,” says interior designer Pernille Arlien-Søborg Henriksen. “The green iridescent copper roofs, the classic red tiles and the everchanging skies very quickly became the colour theme.” 

In the lounge area, the designers wanted to create a tranquil space for coffee dates, phone calls and smaller informal meetings. 

“We wanted to create a casual setting with more space for good times, work, and breaks. It was important that all of these scenarios should be able to take place simultaneously without interrupting each other.”

In the lounge, the Ro™ chair was chosen as a centrepiece. Designed by Jaime Hayon and aptly named after the Danish word for 'tranquillity’, the easy chair creates space for relaxation and reflection. Its high back screens against sound and provides an intimate and focused space that is useful in many contexts. 

The Ro chair sits alongside the Fri™ chair – a classic, comfortable chair that offers a beautiful silhouette and is easy to move around. Each chair has been upholstered in different colours and fabrics, shifting in shade from dusty blue to red tones. 

In the busier, more transient areas of the office, the stackable Grand Prix™ chair was selected in a mix of several different colour shades to add a pop of colour and personality.