Sint-Truiden, Belgium Designed by Van Belle & Medina


The building is designed by the Antwerp architects Van Belle & Medina for the city of Sint Truiden. The main goal is to create a new way of elderly care with an aesthetic environment that reflects hominess and reduces the feeling of being institutionalised.

The new building scheme is surrounded by nature and has about 145 service flats and integrated childcare.
To support the hominess feeling the structure is organised in 5 units of approximately a 1000m² per floor, each unit exists of +/- 32 small living units, small " homes."   

The units are made of prefab concrete panels. And the windows are large taking a lot of daylight into the interior.  The pink colour of the facade is chosen because of the blooming Cherish & Apple trees that you find in the surroundings.

The interior is characterized by a simple colour scheme using white, grey, black. Which enhances the warm colour of the bamboo floor and wall panels used in the common room and restaurant.

Furniture is chosen in white, grey and black to create a consistent expression and let the pieces stand out like sculptures in the space.