Copenhagen, Denmark

A bold and vibrant makeover for a proudly Danish company

At their office canteen in outer Copenhagen, energy company Ørsted set out to create a relaxed yet vibrant environment, laced with colour, natural elements and subtle nods to its Danish heritage.

Ørsted’s canteen is more than just a place to eat. It’s a place to meet and mingle, collaborate on projects, host internal presentations, social events, or dinner meetings with clients. The space, which was recently redesigned in collaboration with PLH Architects, needed to be informal and relaxed, but also inviting and flexible. The idea was to combine furniture, shapes, colours and materials to create an atmosphere of optimism and liveliness – a place where people wanted to hang out.

The designers at PLH Architects started with a neutral ground as a base. To this, they added vibrant, natural materials, greenery, and Scandinavian design pieces crafted with an emphasis on quality and comfort. The space was divvied up to cater to a variety of different needs and functions. Some areas offered space for meetings with screens, IT/AV support and built-in charging capabilities. Others provided relaxed nooks, encouraging chill-out time away from any noise.

As a company with proudly Danish roots, it was important for Ørsted to select pieces grounded in Danish design – pieces that are recognisable, high quality and boast the highest possible sustainable profile. One such piece is the Grand Prix™ chair by Arne Jacobsen – a simple and functional design with a strong Danish cultural heritage. Its characteristic geometric shape stands out from the crowd and aligns with Ørsted’s own design ethos: bold, inventive, optimistic.

The new canteen area has proven a wild success. Prior to the renovation, the area would be empty immediately after breakfast and lunch. Now, it is often buzzing with people throughout the day. It’s a place where people want to meet - alone or in groups, with a focus on a flexible working day.