Established Financial Institution

Sydney, Australia Interior Design: Hassell


This established financial institution’s new head office in Sydney's Quay Quarter Tower (QTT) is a beacon of innovation and biophilic design that connects the occupants to the local natural environment.

The interior incorporates abundant planting, mature trees and natural light to evoke a genuinely biophilic setting.  Locally sourced and sustainable timber species showcase a rich natural history that celebrates the stories of people and culture to underwrite a unique and diverse workplace experience. Crafted by Hassell, the workplace has been conceived as a multi-level interconnected vertical village that fosters connection and joy, with features like mobility-friendly stairs and multipurpose spaces accommodating agile work styles.

In all aspects of the project, sustainability and lasting quality is paramount, earning the workplace a 6-star Green Star Interiors Design rating and targeting a 3-star Fitwell rating. In this case heritage lighting and upcycled furniture that originated in previous workplace generations (now in its third life cycle) are a literal expression of upcycling and sustainability in practice.

The integration of the organic curves of the Series 7™ and Swan™ chairs sit perfectly with the project ethos and spatial architecture. Both were designed by Arne Jacobsen, who, in his architectural works, drew strong influence and integrated nature in and around his buildings using plants and landscaping. Found throughout the lounge, meeting rooms, break-out areas and workstations, the sleek lines and timeless appeal of these mid-century icons complement the biophilic design and sustainable mindset underlying the project.