Three Korean designers present products that interpret the beauty of Fritz Hansen.


Seoul, South Korea STUDIO UNRAVEL Ledongil is the director of spatial design studio, Studio Unravel. He has been presenting personal artworks expressing thoughts on forms and material characteristics of natural and industrial materials. Major projects include Camper, also participated in the Fritz Hansen Arne Jacobsen’s Lily™ chair exhibition in Seoul. “PK24™ provides surprisingly perfect comfort when you sit in it, and in it I saw the possibility of magnifying the uniqueness of the product through the intervention of the user, the interference of space, and the dependence of objects. The new lighting crafted for Fritz Hansen's 150th-anniversary exhibition consists of a common pole and some metal parts that hold the pole in place. The lighting is structured in a simple way in which the parts depend on each other, representing the beauty of being unstable and fragile by exposing the structure in the most natural form possible.”

HyungMoon Choi

Seoul, South Korea STUDIO MILLIONROSES He is engaged in design activities through industrial design and runs a design ‘Studio Millionroses’ with Joo-Young Kim, a photographer. He pursues a design that can reasonably produce products with clear functions and presents work that appropriately melts his own gentle mood into materials and finishing methods in various fields. “The structure, space, and light series that connect back to my personal piece are also the subjects I am most interested in at the moment. They have a clear beauty and form relationships with each other, creating a deeper beauty. The vase for this exhibition is made of tempered glass, and its form is close to a pure structure. Moving away from the pressure of delivering the result, this piece is more like an experimental piece that hides the material properties and emphasizes the structure. On the solid glass structure, I’ve applied colors that match the everyday spaces of Koreans and left a blank space to create a unique atmosphere when set up like a plant.”

Sukwoo Lee

Seoul, South Korea SWNA SWNA is a design studio led by Sukwoo Lee, an industrial designer. SWNA has many experiences in product development proposing new approaches and clear ideas on implementation. The representative works include the design and production of the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics medal, product design, and spatial planning for LG, Samsung, Kakao, AmorePacific, Hyundai Motors, BMW, AUDI, DELL, and 3M. The overarching design language of the products presented for this exhibition is “thesis-antithesis-synthesis.” Throughout the work I put into this piece, I was filled with thoughts about the contrast between the organic curves and straight lines flowing through the beauty of nature, and the harmony that lies in between them. The inspiration for the form eventually came from the nature of Korea. Within the wooden trays of various shapes designed this way, the contrast of lines creates a strong gap in the form, which creates newness again.