Fritz Hansen X Culture Station Seoul 284

Shaping the Extraordinary - 150th Anniversary Exhibition 12th of November 2022 - 5th of January 2023 1, Tongil-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea Culture Station Seoul 284

Crafts and designs make the everyday lives of people beautiful and special. Believing that the present will profoundly impact future generations' daily lives, Fritz Hansen has created high-quality designs based on the solid foundation of craftsmanship and innovation for the past 150 years.

Fritz Hansen and Korea Craft & Design Foundation, the joint organizers of Fritz Hansen's 150th Anniversary Exhibition called SHAPING THE EXTRAORDINARY, are delighted to announce that the exhibition dates are extended until January 5th, 2023.

The exhibition, which opened on November 12th, has conveyed the outstanding value of Korean crafts and design along with Fritz Hansen's 150-year history.

The exhibition received an overwhelming public response to date. It was visited by more than 2,500 daily guests and welcomed 30,000 cumulatively. The decision to postpone the closing date to January 5th next year aims to meet the demand and continued public interest for the exhibitions' expression of 'eternal beauty'

Great design transcends time and space. Fritz Hansen expresses eternal beauty by presenting the aesthetic values it has built up over the past 150 years through the Fritz Hansen 150th Anniversary Exhibition – Shaping the Extraordinary, which will be held to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its founding.

A Special Encounter in Korea

Following Japan and Denmark, Fritz Hansen's 150th Anniversary Exhibition – Shaping the Extraordinary, creates a unique landscape in Culture Station Seoul 284, which was the main stage of Korean modern and contemporary history. In particular, the 'Korea Project', which reinterpreted Fritz Hansen's aesthetics with the participation of 4 artisans and 3 designers of Korea's intangible cultural heritage, garners great interest both at home and abroad, adding special meaning to this exhibition.

Sinjeong Seo - National Intangible Cultural Heritage Chaesangjang (Bamboo Case Weaving) introduces a new aesthetic with thinly cut bamboo weaved on the PK65™ table and PK24™ chaise longue that has inherited the tradition of Scandinavian craftsmanship. Indigo cotton dyed in the traditional Korean method by Kwanchae Jung - National Intangible Cultural Heritage Yeomsaekjang (Natural Dyeing) wraps around Arne Jacobsen's masterpiece Egg™ chair while Jeongin Choi - Seoul Intangible Cultural Heritage Jasujang (Embroidery) has embroidered plants and insects on the organic curves of the Swan™ chair.

The sophisticated lacquer and mother-of-pearl techniques of Soohwa Jung - National Intangible Cultural Heritage Chiljang (Lacquerware Making) have been added to iconic designs such as Series 7™, Lily™, Grand Prix™, Ant™, and PK0 A™, which was launched to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Fritz Hansen, putting the finishing touches on a special collection for this exhibition.
Korean designers present products that reveal their own interpretations of Fritz Hansen's beauty. Studio Unravel's Ledongil, who crosses over different areas with exquisite aesthetics, offers lighting; Hyungmoon Choi of Studio Millionroses, who uses design and photography as a medium, presents a vase; and SWNA's Sukwoo Lee, a leading industrial designer, introduces tableware.

Eternal beauty

For the 150th anniversary exhibition in Seoul, Fritz Hansen newly presents its flagship products at the Korean architect Byoungsoo Cho's Earth House and Concrete Box House. Byoungsoo Cho's architecture in harmony with nature seems to embrace Fritz Hansen's awe for nature. Like the landscape in the picture, this exhibition aims to convey eternal beauty with respect for nature and timeless values.

Architect: Byoungsoo Cho
Photographer: Sooin Jang