Tivoli Gardens

Copenhagen Denmark

Enchanting Dining Settings: Fritz Hansen & Tivoli Gardens

Discover what happens when Tivoli Gardens and Fritz Hansen collaborate to create world-class dining experiences. Together they blend innovation with heritage and beauty with quality in a magical setting for visitors to experience something truly unique.

Working together is intuitive for Tivoli and Fritz Hansen, and the result is breath-taking dining experiences with just a touch of magic. As culturally significant Danish establishments, Fritz Hansen (150 years) and Tivoli Gardens (179 years) have witnessed a world changed many times over. Yet all the while, these custodians of culture have continually delighted visitors at home and abroad with experiences of beauty and high-quality that has earned them a reputation far beyond their borders. Discover three dining spaces designed with Fritz Hansen in Tivoli Gardens.

Tivoli has always been about vision, and it is great that we can once again show so much of the gastronomic world and give the Gardens' guests unique dining experiences at the highest level.

Susanne Mørch Koch, Director of Tivoli


To step inside Gemyse is to enter a verdant world where plants burst from every corner. For a restaurant with a name that means “vegetables”, the interior design is a fitting tribute to the plant-focused menu.

Gemyse’s interior resembled a greenhouse. On both sides of the large windows, green faces green giving a feeling of being deep in nature and far from a city. Living walls dripping with plants line the outside of the building. Inside, a soothing atmosphere of natural light, colours and organic materials set the tone for a relaxed dining experience. On the menu, fresh and locally sourced organic greens and produce take centre stage with an emphasis on quality and sustainability with their suppliers. Including furniture.

Gemyse selected N01™ chairs in beech wood for their guests - illustrations of beauty and functionality. The natural materials and organic lines of the Danish-Japanese fusion style chairs blend seamlessly with the restaurant’s character. The inherent strength and durability of pressure-moulded veneer with solid beech wood legs endow the chairs with a lifespan that makes sense to the sustainability minded. Guests enjoy an outstanding dining experience surrounded by exceptional beauty, on and around the plate.

Det Japansk Tårn: A Deliciously Enchanting Dining Space

Det Japansk Tårn (Japanese pagoda) lies nestled among lush greenery in Copenhagen’s magical Tivoli Gardens. A spectacular illumination tower from 1900, the Pagoda played host to three Michelin star and gourmet restaurants during a summer-long pop-up event.

The concept for the space was to design an elegant yet informal composition that seamlessly blends an experience of high-end dining with a visit to the enchanting Tivoli Gardens. Infusing the Pagoda’s historical expression with contemporary aesthetics, the Fritz Hansen design pieces perfectly paired comfort and style to elevate the gourmet-quality experience to an unforgettable one.

"Tivoli is a place where tradition lives, but where innovation and new thinking have always been welcome.” – Christoffer Sørensen, Head Chef of STUDIO

Using a mix of contemporary design elements and established design icons, the atmosphere is one that embraces innovation and new expressions with a nod to the established icons of the past. The surroundings are perfectly attuned to the customers’ comfort and enjoyment, setting the scene for an enchanting and immersive gourmet dining experience.

Cakenhagen– tasty design in Tivoli Gardens

Cakenhagen, the pâtisserie where “cakes are made with respect for good craftsmanship, the best seasonal ingredients and inspiration from Tivoli's enchanting universe.”

Cakenhagen is a beautiful spacious pâtisserie in the heart of Tivoli Gardens that creates elaborate, colourful – and of course delicious -cakes and biscuits. Just like their baked creations, the atmosphere is a creatively considered space designed to please the eye and soothe the soul while the tastebuds are treated to something spectacular.

In noticeable contrast to the colourful array of cakes in bright yellows, reds, pinks and greens; the décor takes a calmer direction with an earthy toned palette. Dusky green and grey DropTM chairs invite guests to sit in relaxed comfort and style on a locally designed chair to enjoy a very special treat. Across the road, Arne Jacobsen’s SAS hotel, for which the Drop chair was designed, faces Tivoli Gardens as a friendly neighbour.

With gentle colours, comfort and easy style, the delicate beauty of Cakenhagen ensures that eyes are drawn to their wonderful array of bright and delicious cakes.