The Rhubarb Garden



Discover an organically run holistic farm that strives to produce the best food without harming the planet's resources.

Louise and Thomas Køster are the proud owners of The Rhubarb Garden (Rabarbergaarden), an ecologically run holistic farm in Denmark. Their farm is not only a place of work but a place of inspiration, with a restaurant, general store, nursery, school gardens and educational opportunities available for visitors to enjoy. The Køsters and their dedicated employees strive to produce the best vegetables, meat, and fish without harming the planet's resources.

The Rhubarb Garden's goal is to serve meals sourced from the nature surrounding them and inspire their guests towards a more ecological mindset. They work hard to be self-sufficient, aiming to produce everything they need for their animals, restaurant, and general store. Nothing goes to waste on their farm, with every part of their production being seen as a resource.

"I wanted all products being used, to be 90-100% from our farm", Thomas notes.

Now in its 8th year, when they first envisioned The Rhubarb Garden, Thomas notes, "it was pretty easy to open a restaurant, but I had a dream and idea that I wanted all products being used, to be 90-100% from our farm."

Thomas and Louise believe small-scale farming can create more jobs than large, automated farms. They pay tribute to professional skills and service in their kitchen, restaurant, and general store. By celebrating the work of the hand, they create jobs in areas such as horticulture, agriculture, kitchen, and service.

As with every aspect of the farm, they are also mindful of the furniture they choose. When they started The Rhubarb Garden, they knew what they wished to have on the farm – furniture that shared their values and commitment to quality and sustainability. In Thomas's words, "It's not about how much money you make; it's about creating something that can last." And that's exactly what they're doing at The Rhubarb Garden.

"I want the farm to thrive 25 years from now," says Thomas.

"I bought a piece from the Skagerak Collection 25 years ago, and I still have it in my private garden. And that is also how we work. I want the farm to thrive 25 years from now," says Thomas Køster.

The Rhubarb Garden is not just a farm but a place where people can learn about sustainable agriculture, enjoy high-quality food, and experience the beauty of nature. By showing the possibilities of authentic agriculture, the Køsters hope to inspire others to give small farms and villages new and lasting life and promote a sustainable mindset in every aspect of life.