Pearl Abyss

Gwacheon, South Korea

Recharging Creative Staff with A Curiosity-Arousing Space

Where people and nature blend together, imagination is freed, according to the interior designers for Pearl Abyss’s new café concept. A leading Korean gaming company, the café area at their South Korean office provides employees with an opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, and invoke curiosity and creativity.

The café’s concept is curiosity. Connected to a rooftop garden with floor-to-ceiling windows, the separation of outdoor and indoor breaks down to create a sense of closeness with nature. Multiple seating arrangements and tables establish different zones within the open, light-drenched café.

Each zone encourages a different type of interaction. From private relaxation in the sofas and lounge chairs to the open and social bar stools at high tables to the café-style clusters of small groups at round tables, the variety of zones provides ways to relax, find inspiration or collaborate.

Embodying the creativity of artist and designer, Jaime Hayon, a row of Plenum™ sofas in different colours are set in a cosy arrangement with two curvy Fri™ lounge chairs. The space created by Plenum's high backs and sides creates an intimate comfort zone, perfect for unwinding the body and freeing the mind to fresh inspiration.

Elsewhere, high tables with Series 7™ barstools set a different style of relaxation. With a more café vibe in this area, it encourages social interaction in bigger groups or one-to-one across the open table.

"Comfortable barstools ensure an easy-going vibe for those seated. In the centre of the large space next to the great windows, round tables set with four N02™ chairs offer visitors an alternative place to come together in small groups and rejuvenate in comfort, style and lots of daylight and inspiration-invoking nature views. "

Sharing insights into why they selected Fritz Hansen chairs, barstools and sofas for this project, the interior designer Sunny Ban of Archisketch said, "These pieces are conceived through the eyes of creative personalities, such as Arne Jacobsen, Jaime Hayon, and Oki Sato. Their ideas, purposes and concepts are manifested into this furniture, and we had no doubts that they would be the perfect match for this Pearl Abyss project."