Århus, Denmark

A high-end restaurant with designer appeal

Ghrelin is Århus’ latest high-end gourmet restaurant, located in the exclusive Århus Ø neighbourhood.

The restaurant’s name stems from the ’hunger hormone’ of the same name. Ghrelin has several functions, but one of its key functions is telling our brains we’re hungry. Set on the ground floor of a contemporary multistory building, the space features several separate dining rooms and an expansive wine cellar for tastings. Every detail – from the textiles to the colour combinations, layout and furnishings – has been carefully considered for ultimate luxury. The team wanted to create a space where guests could sit comfortably for many hours and enjoy an exceptional experience. Layered curtains, unique lamps and curated artwork add personality, while a series of designer furnishings add to the exclusive appeal.
The Little Giraffe™ chair by Arne Jacobsen was chosen for the main seating area. The chair is a striking rendition of its iconic predecessor and was handpicked for its high level of comfort and its soft curves.

The Swan™ chair is featured in the wine cellar. Designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, the Swan contains no straight lines, making it look organic, despite its simplicity and strong architectural appeal.

Beautiful and practical, Arne Jacobsen’s Circular™ table brings a stylish dose of personality to the space. The matte surface and curvaceous form serve as the perfect centrepiece to the dining space.