Cociety Village Jeju

Jeju, South Korea

An inspirational place for work and relaxation. Away from the hustle and bustle of daily life in the heart of Jeju's unspoiled nature, Cociety Village offers a unique environment where work meets vacation.

In the majestic nature of South Korea's Jeju Island, an extraordinary village is inviting company employees to work in a relaxing environment. It is a place designed to inspire creative thinking, where work meets vacation – a so-called "workcation" – a new concept for combining rest with productivity and creativity in a setting where visitors are immersed in architectural beauty while surrounded by nature.

Designed by Unmetpeople to find the balance between work and rest, Cociety Village is made up of two main areas: private spaces for rental and lodging, including rental spaces for workshops, and public spaces such as cafes and retail shops. Of the 12 buildings at Cociety Village, half of them are spoken for by companies that use them for employee welfare, "workcation" and brand promotion.

A theme of sustainability runs through Cociety Village. Central to this theme is the idea of moving away from fast trends that are quickly forgotten. A range of Fritz Hansen's pieces were chosen in line with this idea of longevity. Cociety Village wishes to project a signal of welcomeness and invitation to return, and that concept is realised through the sense of enduringness throughout the spaces, not least by the timeless Fritz Hansen icons. Series 7™ chairs appear throughout many working spaces, their classic shape inviting comfort and productivity. Iconic KAISER idell™ Bauhaus lamps illuminate the working spaces. A socially oriented lounge area with a PK80™ daybed and PK61A™ coffee table invites people to gather, sit together and collaborate in a stylish, social setting.

Nudging guests towards a one-on-one discussion, two comfortable Arne Jacobsen Pot™ chairs face each other with a Little Friend™ table by Casper Salto in the middle, ready to hold cups or work items. Elsewhere, a Superellipse™ table with a single Series 7™ chair and KAISER idell™ lamp wait to accommodate an individual's moment of productivity and inspiration.

Additional Fritz Hansen pieces include the Planner™ shelving, Concert™ pendant, Pot™ chairs, Vico Duo chairs, Series 3300 lounge chairs, Little Friend side table, Ikebana vase, AJ Trolley, and Planner™ table: every element adding a timeless aesthetic to inspire and welcome.