The Pluralis™ table series offers versatile solutions for meetings of all sizes, online and offline. The series’ latest additions introduce angular forms to ensure every person in a meeting room can see and be seen. Designed for Fritz Hansen by Kasper Salto, Pluralis is characteristically beautiful in form with elegant sculptural legs distinct to the series.


Specifically designed for organisations seeking modern and functional meeting room solutions with elegant design appeal, the Pluralis™ table series includes:

About the Designer

The Pluralis™ series is designed by renowned Danish designer Kasper Salto for Fritz Hansen. Sharing his inspiration for the table series, Salto says: “Pluralis was inspired by the sawhorse – a practical object used by carpenters and craftspeople to support boards or sheets of material for sawing. Pluralis comprises two ‘sawhorses’ at each end, which support the tabletop and allow the design to be extended. The serene overall appearance and the outward curve of the legs make the table soft and inviting. I call it the soft approach.” “Simplicity helps to clear the busy mind and quality reminds us that the objects we purchase must have longevity. To do good work, one needs good tools. ” - Kasper Salto