At Fritz Hansen, we believe that a workspace is enhanced by beautiful, functional, and high-quality design. Our sophisticated range of office furniture is made from premium materials and designed to make you feel inspired to perform the best at work.

Rethinking tomorrow’s workspace

Good workspaces are more relevant today than ever before. Moving from the traditional to the inspirational, the inviting workspace is one that encourages communication, collaboration, and creativity. It is shaped by beauty and function to motivate people to do their best. Because an inspiring workspace creates inspired people.

Uplifting the working experience
The way we work is changing. And the demand for a more flexible and personalised workspace is rising. Reshaping the office as an inviting and creative environment that people want to work in, our products reflect the needs of today to lift the working experience to new heights.


An icon of refined design from the hand of pioneering designer Arne Jacobsen, the Oxford™ chair returns to its roots: the new, streamlined design is a reverent take on his original version, updated to modern working needs for comfort and flexibility. The Oxford chair is a perfect example of how design and function go hand in hand, creating a timeless aesthetic expression to enhance your workspace.

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Fritz Hansen has distinguished itself in the world of modern design through an unshakable commitment to beautiful, sophisticated, and functional products that lift the working experience. As we look toward the future, we strive to continue finding innovative ways to join our expertise in making premium furniture with new technologies and more sustainable materials, so we can continue to offer our customers the very best. Our legacy is not something we lean back on; it is, rather, what pushes us forward, motivating us too continually do better.


Understated, modern and elegant, the Pluralis™ table by Kasper Salto is a flexible table for daily working life – transforming from a solo workstation to a generous conference table. With unlimited length and various width configurations – the sleek silhouette grows to fit your working needs.

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In conversation with: Kasper Salto

Kasper Salto’s Pluralis™ table for Fritz Hansen is now updated to offer unlimited length. With its classic expression and premium materials, the flexible task table serves the needs of work and home, as a versatile home office desk, a generous dining table or an elegant boardroom table. We spoke with the award-winning designer about the renewed design and the importance of an inviting workspace.

Tell us about the inspiration behind Pluralis. 

Pluralis was inspired by the sawhorse – a practical object used by carpenters and craftspeople to support boards or sheets of material for sawing. Pluralis comprises two ‘sawhorses’ at each end, which support the tabletop and allow the design to be extended. The serene overall appearance and the outward curve of the legs make the table soft and inviting. I call it the soft approach.

What is new about Pluralis?

We wanted to create longer table spans. For that, we needed extra support. A new leg has been designed especially for this purpose. The extra support has been made to seamlessly blend with the existing sawhorse legs while adding stability.  


At Fritz Hansen, we believe that elegant design for the modern workplace should support users in the specific ways they need it. We strive to create office products shaped by innovative functionality and flexibility, from choices of colour, material, and form, to adjustable features that enable multiple levels of customization.


Drawing on a history of collaborations with some of the world’s most brilliant designers, Fritz Hansen furniture is made to last through generations. Durability is a fundamental consideration in our designs.