Brooklyn Heights Brownstone House

Enhancing a Living Space with Nordic Intentions

The project consisted of redecorating a classic brownstone home in Brooklyn Heights. The design concept was to bring a fresh modernity to the current style using the existing elements and art by introducing new intentional pieces that would enhance the base design and promote a sense of welcomeness.

The interiors of the Brooklyn brownstone are a balanced compromise between Scandinavian modern minimalism and subtle maximalism notes. Undertaking this project, Jennifer Paccione Angulo of Casa Angulo, interior architecture and design studio, noted a playfulness to the space that is so fitting for a brownstone which naturally lends itself to quirks. As the home already leaned heavily into a Nordic influence, she sought to accentuate that while also finding a balance with minimal modernity.

According to the designer, "I find Fritz Hansen pieces to possess the perfect duality between strong, architectural silhouettes and Scandinavian heritage design." With each piece chosen complementing its individual space, they attract attention without being demanding.

“The PK80 Daybed is a piece that is so very distilled down to its essence while exuding refined modernism”, Jennifer Paccione Angulo continues. “It was the perfect piece in the living room to serve as a statement, while still creating an openness and airiness within the space.”

Knowing the homeowners personally, she selected the Ikebana™ Vase as a piece that represented their embodied essence: possessing the minimalistic qualities of Scandinavian design, it allowed for that playfulness present in the space already – with the capacity to style floral stems in a quirky way. The Shearling Let Chair surrendered to the warm Nordic direction of the bedroom, and the KAISER idell lamps manifested an element of sleekness.