Adjacent to their popular Copenhagen café, Sara Wreschner and David Andersen have opened Sonny Times, an intimate gathering space designed to facilitate meetings, dinners, workshops, and private events.

Custom menus are created for every booking with service provided by the restaurant’s small, gracious staff. Guests can host up to 12 people at Sonny Times, meeting and dining around the central, one-of-a-kind table designed by Carl Theodor Sachs. Ant™ chairs were chosen to complement the table and match the black Arne Jacobsen Ants in the larger café next door. Fritz Hansen Dot™ bar stools stand at the counter of Sonny Times, frequently hosting Wreschner and Andersen’s menu-planning discussions and tastings. From time to time, the space also hosts wine tastings and cooking classes, functioning as both a kitchen and a creative space. Much like the space, every meeting and dinner at Sonny Times is unique, arranged to meet the special needs and imaginations of guests.