Shanghai, China Designed by Thomas Dariel Studio

The famous French crystal brand Baccarat wanted to celebrate its 250th anniversary and to write a new Chinese chapter in their legendary history. For this celebration they created a new space; the Baccarat House, located in the newly renovated Rockbund area of Shanghai.

The Shanghai-based French designer Thomas Dariel is the creative behind the new experience. The Baccarat House is located in the ground floor of a classic red brick heritage building and has thus a classic tone in the exterior which Thomas Dariel takes through in the interior. The red brick of the facade is matched with a soft light pink and grey universe inside the high ceiling rooms, where different seatings and lounges are created as back drops for the impressive crystal pieces. The space is designed as an apartment where you visit room by room greeted by a variation in style and atmosphere.

The organic lounge and sofa designs by Jaime Hayon create a low inviting environment to linger and enjoy the feel of the spaces.