Kasper Salto’s Pluralis™ table for Fritz Hansen is now updated to offer unlimited length. With its classic expression and premium materials, the flexible task table serves the needs of work and home, as a versatile home office desk, a generous dining table or an elegant boardroom table. We spoke with the award-winning designer about the renewed design and the importance of an inviting workspace.

Tell us about the inspiration behind Pluralis. 

Pluralis was inspired by the sawhorse – a practical object used by carpenters and craftspeople to support boards or sheets of material for sawing. Pluralis comprises two ‘sawhorses’ at each end, which support the tabletop and allow the design to be extended. The serene overall appearance and the outward curve of the legs make the table soft and inviting. I call it the soft approach.

What is new about Pluralis?

We wanted to create longer table spans. For that, we needed extra support. A new leg has been designed especially for this purpose. The extra support has been made to seamlessly blend with the existing sawhorse legs while adding stability.  

The new table is very much a hybrid design, covering a range of different needs. What was the motivation behind this?

Pluralis covers different needs, from relatively small standalone work desks to bigger dining tables. It also expands to larger meeting and conference table settings, with in-built AV cable management. The new extra leg, placed between two tabletops, makes it possible to build extremely long and wide versions of Pluralis without having two legs side by side.

What are you most proud of concerning the design and craftmanship of the piece?

I really like the calm yet sculptural expression of the legs. When viewed from different angles, they change in dimension. It´s like a real-time transformation.

A good workspace is more relevant today than ever before. What do you think makes a workspace good and inviting?

In short, simplicity and quality. Simplicity helps to clear the busy mind and quality reminds us that the objects we purchase must have longevity. To do good work, one needs good tools.