Cecilie Manz

Danish designer Cecilie Manz’s universe revolves around her love of art, quality and craftsmanship. Over the course of her career, Manz has demonstrated an immaculate ability to create lighting, ceramics, accessories for the home, and furniture design – always with an emphasis on uniting the Nordic tradition of simplicity with a modern, international expression. Her own workspace reflects this. From her Copenhagen studio, she meticulously makes her drawings on paper, and carries out the shape-making at her workshop in the studio’s basement.

“This space is the home of my work,” she says. “I try to create an atmosphere that is perfect for me to create in, and I see everything in here as tools for my work. For me, creativity is about having the right conditions.”

Manz’s space feels both personal and professional. From the tools she uses, to the pens she draws with, to the art on display – “everything is important” and has its place. 

The striking Essay™ table forms the studio’s focal point. Designed by Manz herself using solid wood, the table consists of three elements - a tabletop and two bases - crafted in a well-proportioned rectangle form. With its elegant look and flexible functionality, the table serves as the ideal gathering point in contemporary spaces. Elsewhere, you’ll find the delicate and artful Ant™ chair by Arne Jacobsen.

From the moment you step inside her studio, her priorities are made abundantly clear: “Everything should have the right quality and functionality, but the aesthetics are just as important.”