Marble is a rock created over time under immense pressure and temperatures. All types of marble display unique characteristics, including veining and crystallisation and differences in colour, structure and pattern. These natural irregularities should not be considered defects, nor are they covered by warranty.

Marble is a relatively hard, uniform and easy material to work with. Fritz Hansen uses rolled and honed on selected tabletops:
  • Honed marble is a marble with a relatively homogenous, buffed surface finish.
  • Rolled marble has a textured, matt surface


Apply an impregnating sealer to the marble before use to preserve its natural beauty. Stone Wash cleaner, included with purchase of a marble product (PK products only), will protect against stains, but only to a degree.


Apply Stone Wash directly from the bottle onto the entire surface, including the edges, in an even layer with a lint-free cloth. Allow to penetrate without drying completely and wipe off any remainder with a wrung-out, lint-free cloth. Repeat as necessary.


Blot spills immediately to avoid permanent damage. Acid substances like wine, coffee and fruit juice may cause staining. Treat locally with Stone Wash to avoid staining, although it may not disappear entirely.
  • Red wine on rolled marble: Wet the stain with clean water and apply scouring powder in a thick layer, waiting until the stain is dissolved before wiping clean and treating with Stone Wash. Repeat if necessary.
  • Red wine on honed marble: Apply chlorine to the stain and treat with Stone Wash.


Wet items such as vases or glasses may stain the surface. Always use coasters and trivets and blot spills with a dry cloth.


Furniture: PK54™, PK61™, PK61A™, PK62™, PK63™, PK63A™, PK65™, Planner™ Coffee Tables
Accessories: Table mirror, Wall mirror