French Cane


French cane is an ancient and intricate natural woven material sourced from rapidly regrowing Indian shot plants. Its distinct look and enduring popularity lend it a timeless charm, while its inherent strength and flexibility make it an excellent choice of material for furniture.


French Cane is a natural living material that requires some care to ensure its beauty and strength over time. If placed in low humidity or air-conditioned environments for long periods, French Cane will dry out and lose its elasticity making it brittle and more likely to break. Therefore, it is important to periodically moisten the cane with water using a clean damp cloth or a nebuliser. It is also important to distribute weight evenly over the cane, as a concentrated weight from a foot or knee can cause individual strands to break.


Clean French Cane regularly to maintain its condition using a soft damp cloth, warm water and mild cleaning products. Wipe dry after cleaning.


As French Cane is a natural material, colour variations may occur and are therefore not covered by warranty.