“I think it’s important to have spaces where you can gather outdoors to feel connected to nature.”

Summertime reminds interior designer Arvin Olano of his childhood in the Philippines when freedom and a sense of endless time echoed vividly in his memory. “When you’re young, summer has a completely different meaning. It’s a time when you are free to do whatever you want, and it never seems to end.” Today, Arvin lives in California with his husband and their two French bulldogs, Marble and Sage. Their 1964 Eichler home is precisely the mid-century architecture the design-conscious creator dreamed about. Floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the house allow natural light to flood in. In the heart of the home, an atrium is visible from almost every room—a space that’s very special to the owners.

“The atrium is our favorite hangout spot because even though you are outdoors, it still feels very cozy. It’s special because it provides so much sunlight into our home and it serves as another living space.” Sitting in the atrium, two teak Pelagus lounge chairs evoke a classic Scandinavian typology, while their sling fabric offers lightness, a modern edge and comfort for quiet moments in the early morning. “I love the simple ritual of going from hot coffee to iced coffee once the weather starts to warm up. Every day I wake up at 6:30 in the morning before my husband and our two dogs, and I take an hour for myself to make my coffee or read a book.”

“For the love of long summer days that never seem to end.”

For Arvin, the clean design of the outdoor furniture plays a strong role in his décor sensibilities; “I love the simplicity of the outdoor collection because it aligns with my own personal style. I’m drawn to honest materials, strong shapes, and craftsmanship which are all present in Fritz Hansen’s pieces.” When asked to describe the summer perfect day, Arvin shares, “It’s spent at home with my family, my husband, and our two French bulldogs Marble and Sage. The door to the atrium and the backyard is open, music is playing, and a candle is burning.”