Our outdoor furniture collection is almost exclusively crafted using teak – a wood type that lasts a lifetime when cared for well. Learn how to take care of outdoor teak and maintain it beautifully year after year.

About Teak

Teak is our preferred choice for outdoor furniture, as it requires little care and maintenance. It is a heavy, hard, and sturdy type of wood. The high content of natural oils makes it highly weather—and rot-resistant. We use only core teak because it is richer in natural oils, making it evenly-grained, more weather-resistant, and longer-lasting than outer teak wood.

Natural Patina

The surface of untreated teak will patinate over time to eventually become a silvery grey colour. Allowing natural patination to develop does not affect the durability or quality of the material. However, to preserve or intensify the original honey-golden colour, a suitable furniture oil should be regularly applied. Whether or not the wood is treated, teak is resistant to everyday wind and weather thanks to its high content of natural oils. However, it is important to clean outdoor furniture at least once a year to prolong its lifespan. Cleaning removes algae and dirt and makes your furniture more resistant in all weathers, all year round. Read our cleaning guide for outdoor furniture.


Guide to applying an oil treatment

If you wish to preserve or intensify the original golden-brown colour, use natural oil regularly. As the natural oil saturates and darkens the surface a little, it brings out the natural beauty of the wood and leaves it well-nourished and resistant to water, dirt and grease. Read our guide to applying an oil treatment.