Simplicity and functional beauty with a clean and modern elegance.


French designer Aurélien Barbry’s design philosophy is to move objects towards more clarity and straightforwardness. The Plank Bench - a modern and simplistic bench has become an important part of our outdoor collection. Aurélien spoke of his vision and ideas behind designing the Plank series. When Aurélien Barby was tasked with creating new designs to complement his popular Plank Bench, he imagined a series of enduring outdoor furniture with function beyond its intended purpose. The result is a complete and characteristic Plank series for relaxing and entertaining outdoors. The Plank Bench was first launched in 2018 and has experienced growing popularity in the Skagerak Collection of outdoor furniture. "The Plank Bench is the result of an idea to challenge the function of the ubiquitous seating design, and an investigation into how I could design this piece of furniture differently. I wanted to use a minimum of materials and create something airy, playful, modern and easy to build", comments Barbry. With functionality and simplicity at heart, the Plank series is characterised by its light appearance and architectural repetition in neat, wooden slats. Crafted in solid FSC-certified teak with stainless steel fittings, the furniture weathers beautifully over time, requiring minimal maintenance and patinating to a silver-grey hue. The Plank series offers lasting design for a life lived outdoors, whether used together or alone.