China Chair™ 80th Anniversary Edition


To honour 80 years of meticulous craftsmanship, Fritz Hansen is introducing an exclusive edition of the China Chair™ by Hans J. Wegner in European cherry with a Pure leather seat cushion. The China Chair is one of the most refined chairs ever made in industrial production and having it in production continuously for 80 years is unique in a Danish context. Each chair is numbered and only 80 are being produced.


The China Chair™80th Anniversary Edition is made from the highest grade European cherry that is carefully selected so the grain is mirrored on both sides. Celebrating wood in a contemporary way, each chair is finished with oil to highlight the beauty of the grain. This understated treatment is complemented by the natural tactility of the Pure leather used for the seat cushion, which will become more beautiful over time. Each chair has been handcrafted and assembled with absolute care by expert craftspeople in Denmark. Both in materials and design, the China Chair™ is made to last a lifetime and beyond.

Limited Availability Worldwide

A limited number of 80 China Chairs™ are available at select retail stores worldwide. Please get in touch with your nearest store to find out more.

Hans J. Wegner (1914-2007)

A highly skilled cabinetmaker and furniture designer, Hans J. Wegner is one of the principals of the 'Danish Modern'. He is one of the Danish designers who has achieved world fame. Wegner is a meticulous and admired craftsman, and his furniture is a combination of good, solid details rooted in the tradition of the craftsmanship he highly regards. “Our aim was to make things as simple and genuine as possible, to show what we could create with our hands, and to try to make wood come alive, to give it spirit and vitality, and to get things to be so natural that they could only have been made by us.” – Hans J. Wegner