Originals renewed. Restore your existing shell chairs to good-as-new condition and give them a new life with history included.

About the Refurbish Programme

Restore existing shell chairs to good-as-new condition.

Refurbish is Fritz Hansen’s certified refurbishment programme is aimed at reducing waste and climate impact for commercial client projects.
Refurbish breathes new life into original Fritz Hansen Ant™, Grand Prix™, Lily™ and Series 7™ shell chairs in a programme that’s better for the environment and better for business.

Upgrade options, including upholstery, are available, and chairs dating back to 1955 can be refurbished and repaired. All refurbished chairs come with a renewed full warranty, ensuring quality and longevity. Our refurbishment service includes several key steps: initial testing, refitting, relacquering (or optional upholstery upgrade) and quality assurance.

10-Year Warranty

The standard warranty for all Fritz Hansen shell chairs (Ant™, Grand Prix™, Lily™, and Series 7™) is 10 years. This warranty also applies to our refurbished chairs.

Co2 Calculation included

Additionally, a CO2 custom calculation is provided for each order, comparing the environmental impact of refurbished chairs versus purchasing new ones. Furthermore, all refurbished chairs are assigned a unique identification number.

Refurbish programme is currently available in Europe only. Please reach out to Fritz Hansen Sales Support at to find out more.

Refurbishing Series 7 Chairs

Follow the journey of 100 chairs from as far back as 1983 as they are refurbished to good-as-new condition.