Untreated brass


Products with raw, untreated brass may have colour differences when unwrapped. To restore the surface colour, use a brass cleaning product and applier. The untreated brass part will start to patinate when it is being exposed to carbon dioxide and other substances, which will result in differences in colour and surface. This is part of the product’s unique look but can be polished away with brass cleaning product and applier.


Brass should only be cleaned and polished with a brass cleansing product and applier. Wipe off with a dry, soft cloth. Note that water on the surface may make the brass oxidize faster. For best colour and longevity, keep water off the shade completely.


Never use abrasives or sharp-edged tools to remove stains.


Lightning: Clam™, Silhuet™, PM02™, KAISER idell™, Oneline™
Accessories: Happy Hook