Solid Maple


Durable and strong, maple is often used to craft high-end furniture. The sapwood has a whiteish hue which deepens with age. The heartwood is a darker brownish red that will mellow over time.


Frequent washing with a soap solution reduces the lifting of fibres and increases the natural resistance of the wood.


Clean the expansion ring often with a dry cloth, moving in the direction of the grain. Dirt and stains can be removed with a solution of 2-3 tablespoons of soap flakes per litre of water. Brush gently before wiping dry.


The expansion ring should be sandpapered from time to time. Frequent sandpapering is not recommended. Use a fine grain sandpaper – grit-180 or -200 – working in the direction of the grain.


The appearance of wood changes during cleaning. Clean all plates in the expansion ring at the same time to avoid discolouration. Thorough drying and light sanding can help diminish a difference in colour. Do not place objects on a wooden surface for longer periods as this will result in staining and discoloration. Exposure to sunlight will result in fading. Never place hot items directly on wood surfaces.


Furniture: PK54A