Granite is an igneous rock rich in quartz, feldspar, and mica. Formed from molten lava deep within the Earth’s crust, each piece is unique.


Although hardwearing, synthetic detergents can dry out granite. Apply an impregnating sealer to preserve its natural beauty. Each granite table comes with Stone Wash cleaner. This will protect against stains, but only to a degree.


Apply Stone Wash directly from the bottle onto the entire surface, including the edges, in an even layer with a lint-free cloth. Allow to penetrate without drying completely and wipe off any remainder with a wrungout, lint-free cloth. Repeat as necessary. N.B. Ensure the entire surface area is cleaned for a uniform look.


Granite is highly resistant to stains, but even water can cause temporary discoloration if allowed to soak in. Blot spills immediately to avoid permanent damage.
Acid substances like wine, coffee and fruit juice may cause staining. Treat locally with Stone Wash to avoid staining, although it may not disappear entirely. Wet items such as vases or glasses may stain the surface. Always use coasters and trivets and blot spills with a dry cloth.


Natural soap cleaning – including with Stone Wash and soap flakes – will cause honed granite to take on a silken, matte look over time.


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