My Sense of Colour

My Sense of Colour journeys into the world of colour seen through the eyes of creative personalities and set against Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Series 7™ chair, reinvented in customisable and complementary shades curated by Carla Sozzani.

Leyla Piedayesh, Founder & Creative Director Lala Berlin

For me, Yellow embodies positivity, light, and life. The chair's rich yellow blends in perfectly with my home decor. It corresponds with my art pieces - especially my favorite artwork from a Berlin-based artist and friend, Hoosen3000.

Jung Wook-Jun, Creative Director Juun.J

Midnight Blue always appears in Juun.J's collections. As Midnight Blue is the most elegant of all colors.

Mark Kenly Domino Tan, Designer

To me, the classical Danish chair design is synonymous with quality and endeavour. The chair's deep green hue and textural upholstery are inviting and calming, connecting me to nature. Shades found in nature have always been a great source of inspiration in my work as a fashion designer.

Peter Ibsen, Gallerist & Art Collector

I don’t normally surround myself with many colours, neither at home nor in my gallery. I’m often drawn to the understated: a restrained, almost dusty expression where materials and form don’t overpower a space. The combination of the dusty green seat and darker tonal frame creates a fine balance that is both timeless and modest. Its neutrality makes it stands out yet adds character to a room.

Sarah Emilie Müllertz , Architect & Founder Kinraden

As an architect schooled in the Scandinavian design tradition, daylight is infinitely important and essential to our well-being. Denmark’s extensive coastline means that we’re never far from the blue sea and sky. The calming, contemplative colour conveys a feeling of freedom; we have fresh air wherever we go.

Silas Oda Adler, Co-founder & Creative Director Soulland

I am very much into texture and colour in all the creative work I do. This chair is special to me because of the mix of the vibrant colour and the earthy tone – to me it is like a battle between noise and silence, energy and focus. 

Kengo Kuma, Architect

I am interested in creating ‘shades.’ Because inside a ‘shade,’ we feel secure and peaceful. Japanese architecture is an ‘architecture of shade’ and Deep Clay is the colour of shades.

Julian Hernandez, Digital Creator & Rami Hanna, Photographer & Creative Director

Our Sense of Colour is inspired by the warm colors of the sunset during the summertime. How the light pink gradiently shifts to a warm orange reminds us of all the beautiful sunsets and sunrises we’ve gotten to see around the world.