Transforming The Way We Work

HQ Rebuild

Transforming The Way We Work

As the way we work changes, Fritz Hansen transforms its headquarters with purposefully designed settings to support the different activities undertaken on a daily basis.

Since 1872, Fritz Hansen has created extraordinary products for inspiring environments to heighten the well-being of those who inhabit these spaces. The renowned design house now takes this philosophy one step further with the revitalisation of its headquarters in Allerød, north of Copenhagen.

By modernising our working space to reflect the versatility of our products and the changing needs of our 250 employees, we have created a home that is not only beautiful, but also conducive to productivity, underpinning our brand values, reflecting the Fritz Hansen retail experience and inspiring our visitors.

A physical manifestation of our new brand identity and positioning, the new interior design is led not by trends, but by the changing ways we work. “We’ve looked at how we work at Fritz Hansen to define anenvironment that supports the people who work here, with both functionality and aesthetics in mind” says Christian Andresen, Head of Design at Fritz Hansen. “During any given workday we undertake a series of different tasks – from solo projects to conference calls to group activities. Rather than limiting colleagues to a single, allocated desk, our new design concept encourages them to recognize that different work activities can be better supported by spaces and features designed specifically for that task. We also wanted to exemplify our values in the space; to live what we’ve learned to create a new way of working.”

Looking to Activity Based Space Planning (ABSP), a model for a more flexible working environment, we’ve shaped our headquarters into zones that are structured to promote productivity, knowledge sharing, stronger collaborations and better concentration. Different spaces serve different purposes and by planning the interior based on the activities taking place, we can help accommodate individual employee needs and achieve our common goals.

Each work environment is a zone for either social activities, collaborative activities or individual activities. Homely settings facilitate closeness and creativity, where ideas can be exchanged and relationships flourish. Conference rooms promote common goals, designed for crafting and sharing creative thoughts – whether formal or informal. Sheltered areas in open spaces provide privacy for individual tasks, or simply a breather from a hectic day in the office. Furthermore, our showroom has been transformed into a flexible exhibition space that changes according to the products on show. 

Designed and developed by Fritz Hansen, the new ABSP design draws on our expertise in design, marketing, retail and contract, thinking both emotional and functional parameters into the planning and decoration.