Mette Schelde

The Danish architect Mette Schelde (b. 1985) works experimentally from a starting point of function and everyday situations.

In 2012, Schelde established the studio from where she designs furniture, lighting, and architecture. Her designs are functional and made of simple constructions in a sculptural universe. 

Schelde combines traditional materials such as wood, glass, and metal with sensual functions. With simple lines and compositions, her studio explores new methods and technologies that point both back and forth between tradition and renewal. 

Her process takes place across disciplines of sketching, modeling, building, and testing and is driven by intuition and her 2016 written manifesto. Her background in architecture is evident in the design process, where the interaction between the object, the context, and the human is an important part of her approach as she plunges  into function in all its aspects. 

Mette Schelde Studio has received several nominations and awards and is supported by the Danish Art Foundation. 

Mette Schelde’s first design for Fritz Hansen is the side table Stub. The table integrates glass and wood in a functional assemble. The base locks the circle of glass in position, floating around the base.