Komplot Design

The design duo with a freethinking and experimental approach to design with a keen eye for the newest techniques.

A liberated and experimental approach to the design process combined with a sharp eye for the latest production techniques are the key words for Komplot Design. The design duo is among the most innovative Danish design companies who has managed to both continue and renew the Danish design traditions and at the same time stay abreast of the latest international development. The designers/architects Boris Berlin and Poul Christiansen created Komplot Design in 1987.

According to Boris Berlin and Poul Christiansen, good design is more than just a solution to the primary functional problem. Good design also features cultural, philosophical and aesthetic elements. For that very reason, the result is always extremely personal and greatly influenced by the cultural backgrounds and experiences of the designers.

In their work to create the first series of lights for Lightyears, the Komplot designers were inspired by the greatest creator and source of inspiration in the World: Mother Nature. The design universe is called ‘Shapes of Nature’ and it underpins this fascination and inspiration.