Arne Jacobsen

1902-1971 Design visionary and creator of the Egg™, Swan™, Series 7™ and Drop™ chairs, among other iconic furniture pieces.


It is said that as a child growing up in Copenhagen, Arne Jacobsen painted over the Victorian wallpaper in his bedroom. But young Arne did not cover his walls with typical childish drawings or paint the ornate wallpaper boyish blue. Instead, he decided to paint his room entirely white. His decision may seem commonplace today, but in the early twentieth century white walls were not yet in fashion. From the very beginning, Arne Jacobsen was ahead of his time. 

For more than half of the 20th century, Arne Jacobsen’s ideas shaped the landscape of Danish design, rippling out from Scandinavia to influence architects and designers around the world. He directed projects ranging from complex buildings such as Denmark’s National Bank to humble undertakings that included designing a teaspoon for his cutlery set. 

Working with a relatively small studio staff driven by an unquenchable desire to create, Jacobsen’s creative process centred on his strict consideration of detail. He brought his visions to life with meticulous, hand-painted watercolour sketches. In any given year, Jacobsen managed to design what others might produce in five.