Claus Gregersen, Board member

Claus Gregersen is a board member at Fritz Hansen. In addition, he is Managing Director at Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker.

Claus Gregersen joined Fritz Hansen's board in 2017. Alongside his role as board member at Fritz Hansen, Claus Gregersen is Managing Director at Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker, a position he has held since May 2017. Claus Gregersen has board experience from private, public and international companies. He currently holds board positions in several significant Danish companies, such as Tivoli and Jeudan. Claus Gregersen's career also includes several roles as a leader in both Danish and international companies, including CEO of Alfred Berg in Copenhagen and London as well as Head of Equities and EMEA at ABN Amro. In addition, Claus Gregersen has previously been chairman of the Growth Fund. Claus Gregersen is educated at Copenhagen Business School and has concurrently taken management courses at Harvard Business School.