Fritz Hansen was established in 1872 by the visionary cabinetmaker of the same name. Since then, Fritz Hansen has become a natural part of both Danish and international design history. Today, it is an exclusive and international design brand.

The history of Fritz Hansen is characterized by stupendous craftsmanship, unique design and an inherent sense of premium quality. Leading architects and furniture designers from all over the world have regularly contributed to the collection with beautifully shaped and functional furniture that seamlessly meet through the use of innovative techniques and new materials. Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjærholm, Jaime Hayon, Piero Lissoni, Kasper Salto and Cecilie Manz – the stellar string of designers is long and the list of furniture of classic and iconic fame is even longer.

Our design philosophy reflects our history and inspires the creation of new, simple, sculptural and original furniture that is timeless and relevant in time. Fritz Hansen design is visionary and makes the most out of noble materials. Every detail is carefully thought out, the process is thorough and the high finish is a part of the look, which is unique yet instantly recognizable. The overall style is international and exudes class. Each piece of furniture is sophisticated in its own way, has a strong identity and the ability to discreetly light up any type of space. This furniture is for modern city dwellers and international businesses with a confident taste for elegance and underplayed luxury and the desire to strengthen their identity and image. People who wish to make a statement, which is entirely their own.


At Fritz Hansen, we are not only dedicated to creating timeless design, but we are also dedicated to always delivering the best possible quality. In fact, we call it Premium Quality.

Premium Quality means that we make an extra effort to assure the quality of our designs. In practice, we test our designs as we develop them, just as we carry out a number of ongoing tests when the designs are put into production. This means that suppliers, material selection and the production of parts must live up to these demands. In this way, the customer will be offered the best possible experience, regardless of the demands placed on our designs around the world.

Set our own standards
We live up to both international and national standards. But, we also set our own high standards. Therefore, we often develop specific machinery and procedures for the individual designs, which can test our products beyond the required tests to ensure known certification and authorization. We often test our designs in places where our designs are used regularly and by a number of people, thereby really putting them to the test. We are continuously working on improving the quality of our designs so that we can provide users with an even better experience. To us this is a natural part of always delivering Premium Quality.