A lounge is a relaxing area that invites guests to spend time in an easy and restful environment. Explore Fritz Hansen’s beautiful, comfortable and iconic pieces that invite guests in and provide an elevated and memorable experience of design and comfort.


Poul Kjærholm’s light and minimalistic PK4™ lounge chair brings a modern relaxed elegance to your living spaces. The striking PK4™ radiates Poul Kjærholm's distinctive elegance through a light, minimalistic expression in steel and flag halyard. It perfectly exemplifies Kjærholm's visionary approach where art and design intersect. Designed in 1952, the lounge chair was originally made as a limited edition for family and friends.

Consisting of two materials - one unbroken halyard length and seven steel tubing pieces welded into a unified frame- the PK4™ comes in three possible configurations: Black powder-coated steel with natural halyard; Stainless steel with natural halyard; or Stainless steel with black halyard. An additional cushion for extra comfort and a different expression is available in three configurations: Natural canvas, Black canvas and Black Grace leather.


Beautifully shaped, light and agile, the oak Tray Table from 1958 embodies classic elegance and practicality for the home. Perfect for modern and classic homes, the dual side table and folding tray table adds functionality and beauty to living spaces. The Tray Table was originally created for the staff of Fritz Hansen in 1958. It received compliments for its organic shape and light, tapered legs and was put into production by popular demand. Today, the versatile table is offered in sizes ø60 and ø45 in oak and black coloured oak.


Arne Jacobsen created the Egg™ chair in 1958 for the lobby and lounge areas of the world-famous SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. With strong architectural appeal and organic curves, Jacobsen pushed the boundaries of the possible with his creation of this lounge chair which today is as well-known as the hotel for which it was created. The high back and gentle curves of the sculptural Egg™ chair envelop those who sit with a sense of privacy and comfort. Perched gently on its stand, it gives a sense of floating elegance that invites a serene experience. Its many expressions in a range of upholsteries and bases mean the EggTM chair is open to customisation.