Wicker is a natural material, made from the inner tissue of the stem of the tropical palm, Calamus Rotang.  
Wicker is a sturdy but bendable material and is easy to weave with. 

The colour of wicker may vary; this is a characteristic of natural materials. Over time, wicker develops a beautiful patina. 


Wicker will dry if placed in locations with a low humidity (e.g. in rooms with central heating). When wicker dries it turns hard and the risk of breaking is high. Wicker furniture must be cleaned 10 -12  times a year. For maintenance, use a solution of about 1 teaspoon soap flakes to 1 litre hot water. Spray the solution onto both sides of the chair with an atomizer and allow it to penetrate into the wicker. Redundant water, if any, can be wiped off with a clean, damp cloth, but only on the front of the chair. 

If a wicker seat or backrest wears out or is damaged, it can be repaired and restored to its original state, please contact Fritz Hansen Sales Support for further information. 

NOTE, complaints on grounds of dried out wicker are not accepted.