Laminate is a material that consists of thin layers of paper that are heated together with a thermosetting bonding material under very high pressure. The material is durable, resistant to wear and tear and easy to maintain. Visually the material is matt. Laminate is also considered to be an anti-bacterial material since the surface is ‘closed’ with no open pores. 
At Fritz Hansen we use different types of laminates for tabletops, but they all share common features, such as: 

  • Resistance to scratches and abrasion 
  • Resistant to dry heat
  • High resistance to acid solvents and household reagents 
  • Enhances anti-bacterial properties 
  • Low light reflectivity, extremely matt surface 
  • Thermal healing of micro scratches 
  • Anti-fingerprint 
  • Soft touch 


Laminate has unique properties which facilitates daily cleaning and do not require special maintenance. It is easy to clean and is resistant to mould, it has improved anti-bacterial properties, is resistant to both abrasion and scratch as well as acid-containing solvents and cleaning agents. 


To achieve the best results when cleaning the FENIX NTM® laminate it is important to take the following precautions: 

  • Never clean with abrasive products such as sponge scourers, sandpaper or steel wool 
  • Avoid using dishwasher detergents or soft soap, neither concentrated nor dissolved in water, as well as soap flakes dissolved in water 
  • Products with a high acid or alkaline products should be avoided as they can cause stains. 
  • When using solvents should the cloth be completely clean, so leave no marks on the surface. 
  • Do not use furniture polish and wax-based cleaners, as these will put an adhesive layer on the close FENIX laminate surface as dirt can get in. 


Laminate surface should be cleaned regularly but does not require any special maintenance, just a clean microfiber cloth with warm water, Fritz Hansen Laminate Cleaner or similar detergent. Almost all normal household cleaning products or disinfectants are perfectly well tolerated. Use a melamine sponge (wrung in lukewarm water) about once a week – this helps cleaning the surface in depth and restoring its matte expression. 


For thorough cleaning of the laminate surface we recommend using a white melamine sponge along with a grease-dissolving detergent that does not contain acids. Spray it onto the surface and rub the sponge in circles. Make sure that the entire surface of the tabletop is rubbed; otherwise, the difference between the cleansed and the not cleansed area will remain visible. Rinse thoroughly using a microfiber cloth wrung in clean water. After this type of in-depth cleaning we recommend discarding the melamine sponge. 

NOTE, if a larger area has collected dirt over time, we recommend initiating the thorough cleaning with rubbing the table using a dry melamine sponge. This helps remove grease and soap residue if the surface has previously been cleaned with soap-based detergents. This process is especially suitable for the light-coloured surfaces. 


Fritz Hansen Laminate cleaner laminate has been developed for efficient cleaning of Fritz Hansen laminate tabletops. 


  1. Spray the laminate cleaner directly onto the surface
  2. Wait a few minutes and then wipe the table with a dry clean cloth
  3. Remove streaks using a hard-woven cloth and wipe with a clean, dry cloth 

Laminate cleaner contains 500 ml and can be purchased from your Fritz Hansen dealer. 

NOTE, the laminate cleaner is only for new tables produced after 2017. Laminate cleaner is specially designed for efficient, periodic cleaning and protection of FENIX NTM® laminate tabletops. 

General terms and conditions before use: Fritz Hansen A/S disclaims any liability in relation to the use of the following care and cleaning products. Any use is at any time the customer’s own responsibility.  

The maintenance guide is only indicative, by improper use the warranty will not apply. 


Laminate provides a very strong surface; however, marks and spots will form on the laminate if it is exposed to high heat, e.g. if a hot pan is placed directly on it without using a dish mat, or to red wine for many hours. Always use coasters and trivets and clean/maintain laminate surfaces according to the maintenance and cleaning instructions.