Fritz Hansen uses four types of surface finish on Aluminum  

  • Mirror polish 
  • Brushed finish  
  • Powder coated 
  • Painted 

For maintenance of powder coated and painted, please see Powder Coated or Painted Steel & Aluminum. 

Mirror polished surfaces have a mirror like finish. When new, a mirror polished surface appears almost as shiny as high-gloss chrome. In time the surface will get slightly more matt. 

A brushed surface is not polishing but a uniformity of the surface. The treatment leaves the surface with a striped pattern. The brushed surface of a piece is matte.  


  • Dust: Remove with dry soft cloth. 
  • Stains (typically grease): Remove with soft cloth with a mild dishwater. Wipe gently with a dry soft cloth. 
  • Difficult stains: A plain eraser can remove some stains. 
  • Petroleum benzine can also be used with a soft cloth. Precaution must be taken to avoid staining other materials!! 
  • Do not use abrasive materials, as they may change the surface gloss!