The textile’s quality and properties are chosen to suit both furniture for private use and public use (e.g. Offices, hotels, and institutions) where there is extra emphasis on durability. 


Regular cleaning and maintenance is important to keep upholstery looking its best and to prolong its life. Dust and dirt wear the textile and reduce its fire-retardant properties. 

Best maintenance for Fritz Hansen textile upholstery is regular vacuuming on medium power with a soft brush, ideally every week. Avoid harsh brushes. 


Remove wet stains by carefully dabbing with a lint-free cloth or sponge wrung in warm, detergent-free water.  
If a stain persists, use a powder-based dry cleaning product. Follow instructions and pre-test your cleaning method on an inconspicuous area of the furniture to determine if colour bleeds, the textile’s texture changes or if character is altered in any way. No other chemicals or detergents can be used. 

NOTE, stain removers and cleaners are not covered by the Fritz Hansen warranty. 


Products listed below upholstered in textile can be steam cleaned: 

Little Giraffe™, Series 3300, Ro™ Cushions, Ro™ Sofa Cushions, Fri ™ Cushions, Fri™ (glue-free version), Fri™ footstool, Via 57™, Fred™, Let™, Lissoni Sofa™, Alphabet™ Sofa, Favn™ Cushions, Lune™ Sofa, Poufs, and Plenum™. 

NOTE, products not listed above should not be steam cleaned. 


When cleaning do not rub with force as this can damage textiles and cause discolouration. 

Sharp objects can scratch and damage all textiles, and non-colourfast clothing can cause permanent discolouration of the textile. Please be aware of this before using the furniture. 

Do not expose textiles to direct sunlight for extended periods of time or place textiles close to warm radiators or fireplaces.